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Land clearing touches one or more combinations, in order to increase the usability of the land; trees, stumps, bustards and other obstacles. As Killara grows rapidly, the need to clear up land for development and new infrastructure increases.

The Ultimate Tree Specialists offer land clearance services for developers, surveyors, sales agents and homeowners. We will work with you on the task of removing native invasive trees, clearing dense trees and shrubbery, or even taking away the tree stumps. . Check our official Facebook page for any updates.

Our team is well trained, assured and expert. We are confident that the highest professionalism and affable service is maintained for every job we do. Check our customer’s review on Google My Business listing. Contact us today for more details.

Land Clearing Killara

What we do


Tree Removal

At Ultimate Tree Specialist, we have years of experience in the tree removal. Over the years, we have provided our high-quality services to endless customers repeatedly to their absolute satisfaction. Thus, hire us to get the best services in the area.


Tree Mulching

At Ultimate Tree Specialist, we have a dedicated and specialised team of highly trained tree mulching professionals who are equipped with the latest state of the art machinery and cutting edge technology to provide you with ultimate solutions.


Garden Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining a garden, one has to come across different types of vegetation. Hence, we have trained each of our trees professionals with versatility. These professionals can carry out any task with minimal disruption and no fuss at all.


Tree Pruning

When it comes to keeping your trees healthy and fruitful, getting them pruned at the right time is important and necessary. Ultimate Tree Specialist has a qualified team that can get this job done perfectly and provide you with the maximum results.


Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a complicated task and needs to be done by a professional and well-qualified professional. Our operatives for stump grinding are highly skilled and well versed having years of experience in this field. They can grind any stump without any fuss regardless of their size.


Emergency tree services

Whether you have a tree to get rid of or you want us to grind the stump that is making your landscape ugly, we can get the job done in the minimum timeframe possible. Hence, hire us whenever you need such services and our team will be at your place in no time.

Tree Clearing in Killara

Often for several reasons , for example, for bush fire and reduced risk, the subdivision of property for development and general scenery, trees clearing are being carried out by people.

Our lisenced professionals will evaluate your needs and give you competitive rates for the efficient process of tree removal and clean-up. Whatever your goal, you can come and remove all vegetation from our fully qualified Killara Land clearing experts. Our experts’ of the professional tree specialists provide you with a quick and hassle free clearing service.

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Number 1 Choice For Tree & Arborist Services in Sydney

Vegetation Clearing Killara

Do you need an area clear of all greenery, brush, and unwanted growing plants? Our professional team can clear it regardless of how large or small the site is.

We offer a land clearing Killara service with minimum fuss for a little cost at over 10 years of experience with our skilled, qualified and fully insured staff and the correct equipment for your job. We are fully equipped and experienced, and we can take care of small, one-off tree removal tasks until all vegetation and trees are completely removed from the block.

Our team also stands for delivering to the highest safety standards of the industry as the leaders in stump removal and plant removal in the zizz area. We have faced many challenges when it comes to vegetation clearing and has given customers the best results.

Benefits of Land Clearing

Not just tree lopping, but also grinding is often crucial to facilitate the development of the housing site or of new roads and infrastructures, but also many smaller plants need to be removed. Tree removal before development allows earth-moving equipment to change the site grade and slope as required to build.

The value of land sold for development can be lowered by trees and vegetation that have limited amenities because it provides additional costs for new buyers and if it is clothed in a lot of weed, it is difficult for potential buyers to see the entire site. Thus, removing the low retention value trees and vegetation will increase the land’s value for new developments.

Why Trust Ultimate Tree Specialists?

Emergency work

If you have a tree removalemergency, call us now and we’ll come straight out.

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State of the art techniques

Skills and experienced for the best tree care service in Sydney.

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Value for money

We are family owned and run so our pricing reflects our commitment to the local community.


Fully insured

Insurance is a must, ask us for the latest copies of all our Insurance documents.



Serving all our clients to their absolute satisfaction has made us the most trustworthy company in this business of tree care.



Keeping the safety of our client’s property at the forefront of our priorities, we provide the best service for your trees.



We know how important your time is; hence, we have organized our tree experts to get the job done in the minimum possible time.

About Killara

Killara is a suburb on the Upper North Shore of Sydney in the state of New South Wales, Australia 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) north-west of the Sydney Central Business District in the local government area of Ku-ring-gai Council. East Killara is a separate suburb and West Killara is a locality within Killara.

Killara Land Clearing FAQ’s

There are lots of things involved when it comes to land and vegetation clearing. Our professional land clearing experts also can provide you with all the advice and suggestions regarding permissions to remove the trees from your property.

Sadly not! The location and the surrounding area of every landscape is different. Our estimators must look at the tree locally to determine accurately what needs to be done, access to the area and type of macheinery. We can meet you here and speak face to face about more details. We will then give you a free quote following the on-site visit, which is precisely what your needs are.

Depending upon the area, Yes! When clearing land, there are numerous rules relating to the removal of the tree. These depend on your area ( e.g. rural or urban) and the reasons for the block clearance.

The costs to clear land is calculated by various factors including the position of the trees, vegetation, height, the width of the trunk, number of big and high branches and the proximity of power lines. Call us to plan an on-site estimate tailored to your work specifics.

Job Posting in Killara

We are currently looking for a local Land Clearing crew Member in Killara who has experience in Tree Services And Land Clearing and has the necessary experience and license, who is also available for immediate 24-hour roster work, and can attend to jobs on the same day. Must be ready to go through COVID-19 compliance. If you wish to apply for this position. Please email through on jobs@ultimatetreespecialist.com.au

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