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Welcome to Ultimate Tree Specialist

Apart from flowers, painting, and decorating, trees can also make your property appealing and valuable. However, if you want to keep your property attractive, you need to maintain these trees in or around your house. To get this job done perfectly, the Ultimate Tree Specialist is the company to rely upon. Our highly skilled and professional tree experts can provide you with amazing services in maintaining your gardens and trees.

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We Provide the best Tree Services in Sydney

Need qualified tree specialist in Sydney?

Ultimate Tree Specialist has a reputation for high-quality and professional work with an affordable price feature. We offer all kinds of tree services to your local Sydney region. We offer everything from cutting and removing the trees to tearing and grinding the palm. All our arborists are fully qualified, insured, and highly skilled individuals.

We are a full-service tree business operating in Sydney metropolitan and regional areas. So we conduct out all the tasks of arborist counseling and tree operation, tree removal, and stump removal.

Most of our service and specialty tends to be tree removal as we work in a safe environment with our customers. Our work is holistic, and we want to support our customers every step. Check our official Facebook page for any updates

We are well trained, insured, and knowledgeable. We are confident that the highest professionalism and courteous service is maintained for every job we do. Check our customer’s review on Google My Business listing. Contact us today for more details.

Tree Removalists in Sydney NSW

The Ultimate Tree Specialist professional team has the expertise and know-how to remove your tree properly and safely. Our tree removalists use special equipment to secure the safe removal of the tree without harm to your property or its environment. Our licensed trees team has every expertise necessary to safely remove every kind of tree, including large, complicated, and dangerous trees. Our professional Sydney tree services team of experts guarantees all of Sydney’s tree removal services are implemented in accordance with both Australian standards and industry standards.

We go to great lengths to deliver a leading Sydney tree removal service to help your scenery flourish. The Ultimate Tree Specialist is the leading tree lopping name “near you”, combining state of the art machinery and expert technology refined over decades of industry experience. Over the years we have built confidence in our high-quality work and friendly customer service within the community.

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Tree Trimming & Pruning Services

Tree Trimming is a service needed for your trees to look beautiful and give your landscape value. Just like cutting hair to make you look great, when you have your extremities cut and uniformed, vegetation used for ornamental purposes looks good, too.

As the tree or shrub develops, surrounding structures can be interfered with or damaged. This may include your home, garages, and entrances, but could also mean, for example, that the tree throws its leaves and waste into your lawn. Tree branches may sometimes have gone so large that essential services, such as overhead lines and power stations, are obstructed and are at risk of fire and electrical hazards.

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What we do


Tree Removal

At Ultimate Tree Specialist, we have years of experience in tree trimming. Over time, we have provided our high-quality services to countless customers repeatedly to their utmost satisfaction. Thus, hire us to get the best services in the area.


Garden Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining a garden, one has to come across different types of trees and plants. Hence, we have trained each of our trees experts with versatility. These professionals can carry out any task with minimal disruption and no fuss at all.


Tree Pruning

When it comes to keeping your trees healthy and fruitful, getting them pruned at the right time is important and necessary. Ultimate Tree Specialist has a team that can get this job done perfectly and provide you with the optimum results.


Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a complex task, and one needs to be professional and well qualified. Our operatives for stump grinding are highly skilled and well versed having years of experience in this field. They can grind any stump without any fuss regardless of its size.


Tree Mulching

At Ultimate Tree Specialist, we have a dedicated and specialised team of highly trained tree mulching experts who are equipped with the latest state of the art machinery and cutting edge technology to provide you with ultimate solutions.


Emergency tree services

Whether you have a tree to get rid of or you want us to grind the stump that is making your landscape ugly, we can get the job done in the minimum time possible. Hence, hire us whenever you need such services and our team will be at your place in no time.

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Step 1: Tree Inspection & Quote

Call us for a FREE QUOTE to come out for an Arborist Inspection on the tree(s) that require removal


Step 2: Arborist Report

We will prepare a comprehensive Arborist report to help the process of council approval for the removal of your tree, this step is essential


Step 3: Local Council Application

Lodge your application for tree removal with your local council together with the Arborist report we provide you


Step 4: Local Council Approval

Council will prepare approval for us to remove the tree(s) and we may need to prepare resubmissions if required


Tree Removal

Our Arborist Team starts the works of removing your tree(s) as per council guidelines.

Taking Tree Care To Next Level


Emergency work

If you have at tree emergency, call us now and we’ll come straight out.

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State of the art techniques

Skills and experience for the best tree care service in Sydney.

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Value for money

We are family owned and operated so our pricing reflects our commitment to the local community.


Fully insured

Insurance is a must, ask us for the latest copies of all our Insurance certificates.


In Sydney, for most tree removal council approval may be required but in some of cases it may not, to get the confirmation you can contact our arborist expert.

Removing a tree is a highly technical and risky task, it may not be much expensive and here at ultimate tree specialist, we quote the price where others cant beat.

The rules may be different depending on how far the tree is from your property line. However, dead trees typically can be removed without a permit.

  1. The tree is dead.
  2. The tree is dying.
  3. The tree is within 3 meters of a house or building.
  4. The tree is on your local council’s exemption list.
  5. The tree is in a fire zone.

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